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Austria 2.5¢
France 2.3¢
Germany 2.3¢
Italy 2.4¢
Armenia 9.3¢
Lithuania 8.8¢
Poland - Warsaw 2.0¢
Russia - Moscow 1.9¢
UK 2.3¢
Ukraine - Kiev 8.3¢
Kazakhstan 11.1¢
China 2.0¢
India - Bombay 11.0¢
Israel 2.8¢
Japan - Tokyo 2.5¢
Malaysia 3.0¢
Pakistan 16.7¢
North America
Canada 1.9¢
Mexico - Mexico City 2.9¢
USA - Continental 1.0¢
South America
Argentina 3.9¢
Bolivia 10.0¢
Brazil 3.3¢
Chile 2.8¢
Colombia 4.0¢
Venezuela 6.7¢ - offers the best quality family, global and wireless extended distance phone cards on the market nowadays. Our cards propose top quality and aggressively low rates that will save you money on your current long distance bill. Call your attention to the fact that International phone cards are our subject and nobody but our company can propose numerous phone cards just in one place! Telcardshop has the greatest variety with above 750 international phone cards and wireless calling cards to select from!

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